Uniform Expectations


  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times, including at break, lunch, before and after School.
  • Blazers should be worn at all times unless students are given permission to take them off during lessons.
  • Narrow width, plain black belts are all that is permitted.
  • Only plain black V-neck jumpers can be worn under blazers.
  • Hats, scarves and gloves must not be worn in the building.
  • All clothing items should be labelled with the student’s name. The school cannot be held responsible for any loss.


Please note that trainers, plimsolls, canvas shoes or any sports-style footwear must not be worn in school, but trainers can be worn outside to play football at break and lunchtimes.

Students who have been instructed to wear trainers for medical reasons will be expected to have a doctor’s note. It is also anticipated that they will wear black or dark-coloured footwear so that the difference is less noticeable. Students wearing alternative footwear because shoes are broken or do not fit are expected to have a note confirming this and to report to their Student Support Leader, who will arrange for them to be issued with a pair of loan shoes.

The issuing of loan shoes is intended to help students in these circumstances. Refusal to wear loan shoes will attract a sanction in the same way as refusal to follow instructions from staff. We would much prefer not to have this conversation, and it can be easily avoided by ensuring that your child is wearing suitable shoes for school.

Students will be expected to have new shoes by the beginning of the following week. If there are financial reasons why this is not possible, please contact the school directly, as we may be able to offer support.

All notes from parents must be signed and dated by a Student Support Leader or a senior member of staff.


Whilst it is understood that fashionable hair is important to young people, certain styles will not be permitted in school. This includes the following:

  • Severe spiking
  • Extreme gelling
  • Any colours (or colour combinations) that are not a natural hair colour
  • Tramlines or any ‘artwork’ shaped into hair
  • Crops shorter than a ‘number 2’
  • Hair accessories must be small and unobtrusive

The decision on what constitutes an extreme hairstyle is at the discretion of the school and students may be sent home to moderate the style or have it changed so that it is in keeping with the expectations of the working environment of the school. If parents are in any doubt as to whether a style/colour is acceptable, we would advise they contact the school before getting it done.


Jewellery is not permitted, although students may wear a watch. With regards to piercings, a single plain small stud in each ear lobe is all that is permitted.

All jewellery must be removed during PE lessons.


Students in Year 7/8 are not permitted to wear any make-up but subtle make up will be allowed in yr 9 - 11. If this is noticeable then students will be asked to remove or reduce it. Coloured nail varnish or fake nails are not allowed in any year group.

Uniform Infringements

Students who do not comply with uniform expectations may

  • Have their Responsibility Card signed
  • Have the items confiscated until the end of the week
  • Have parents contacted to bring in correct uniform
  • Be sent home to rectify the infringement if before 8.40am and in Years 10 or 11
  • Have parents contacted so they can go home to rectify the infringement if after 8.40am or in Years 7, 8 or 9
  • Be removed from social times
  • Be removed from lessons for serious uniform infringements
  • Be given set period of time to rectify the infringement, pending further sanctions


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