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The School provides a broad, challenging and appropriate curriculum. We strive to deliver lessons where the teaching and learning is of the highest quality and where the learning needs of all students are met.

We provide a framework for teaching and learning within which there is flexibility and scope for creativity whilst providing coherence and consistency of expectation.

The start of this academic year marks the first year our students begin their GCSE courses at the beginning of Year 9. In addition, with the demise of the National Curriculum levels, we have decided to assess attainment for ALL students against the new numbered GCSE grades where grade 9 is the highest and grade 1 is the lowest.  This is to help all students develop the skills and competencies required at GCSE at the earliest opportunity.  We have also introduced three foundation grades (F3, F2 and F1, with F3 being the highest), which sit below GCSE grade 1.  In addition, to provide a finer indication of progress we have sub-divided the grades into ‘+’  and ‘-‘.  These sub-grades show that a student is working at the top of the grade (+), securely in the grade (=), or at the bottom of the grade (-) and enables us to give a more accurate indication of performance. 

All assessment and reports will use the new grade system and your child will be set an ‘End of Year Target’ which is based on national expectations and intends to be both challenging and achievable.  Our aim is to work as hard as we can to support your child to make as much progress as possible.  


The links below will direct you to how each subject is assessed and the content that is covered each half term:

Grade Descriptors


Drama Grade Descriptors

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Geography Grade Descriptors

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History Grade Descriptors

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ICT Grade Descriptors

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Maths Grade Descriptors

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MFL Grade Descriptors

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Music Grade Descriptors

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Science Grade Descriptors

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RPE Grade Descriptors

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Technology Grade Descriptors

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