Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Steward - Head of Curriculum Area 
  • Mr Pennington - Lead Teacher
  • Mr Lawn
  • Mrs Ruth
  • Mrs Peralta Jimenez


To enable students to develop the ability to use French/German/Spanish effectively as a means of practical communication.

To identify linguistic potential and develop that potential to its fullest, taking into account individual linguistic abilities and
potential aspirations.

To make the learning of modern languages an interesting, rewarding and educational experience.

To encourage positive attitudes to speakers of modern languages and a sympathetic approach to other cultures and civilisations.
To offer insights into the culture and civilisation of French/German speaking countries.

To develop an awareness of the nature of language and language learning.

To foster in students a sense of achievement, success, motivation, enjoyment and intellectual stimulation.

To promote learning skills of a more general application, such as analysis, memorising and drawing of inferences.


  • GCSE French
  • GCSE German
  • GCSE Spanish
  • 0 AlecLeavers
  • 4 Music Tuition
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