Our House

For those yet to experience this musical, “Our House” tells the story of London lad Joe Casey, who, on the night of his sixteenth birthday commits a petty crime to impress his girlfriend. The musical follows the two courses his life might have taken had he stayed to face the music when the police arrived at the scene, or if he had bunked the law by making a run for it. “Our House” features the songs of the hugely popular Ska band Madness, including hits such as, "Baggy Trousers", "Driving in my Car" and "It must be Love". 

William Atkinson (Year 8) and Callum Davies (Year 10) took on the lead dual role as Good and Bad Joe with aplomb, alongside Sophie Dade who gave a strong performance as Joe’s could’ve-been-girlfriend Sarah, singing a touching rendition of “NW5”. 

Oliver Sproston (Year 8) and Jordan Rogers (Year 9), as Joe’s slow-witted best mates, caused many comedic moments throughout the show alongside Hayleigh Truscott (Year 11) and Kirsty Medland (Year 9) as Sarah’s wannabe upwardly-mobile friends.

Sam Watson (Year 9) playing Reecey, and Harry Hurst (Year 9) as property shark Mr Pressman, cast a dark shadow on Casey Street with their delightful portrayal of the crooked and devious characters. 

Katie Skingley (Year 11) as Joe’s mum and Adam Gausden (Year 10) as Joe’s dad, portrayed characters that centred on the more serious themes of the musical. In the final scene there was a deathly hush from the audience as they saw the effect of Joe’s actions on his mum, wonderfully performed by Katie.

Throughout the musical, the storyline was interspersed with musical numbers of song and dance performed with passion and flair by the main cast and the chorus of the students below, accompanied by the live band which included Kieran Evans (Year 12) on Drums, and Harmony Platt (Year 11) on Keyboard.

  • Luthfia Almanda Year 11
  • Dean Anderson Year 11
  • Tayla Barnes Year 8
  • Alice Chapman Year 8
  • Bethan Chapman Year 11
  • Charlotte Denley Year 8
  • Declan Easter Year 8
  • Jasmine Escourt Year 8
  • Madison Evans Year 8
  • Emily Griffiths Year 8
  • Laura Hardison-Taylor Year 8
  • Ellie Harris Year 9
  • Shannon Healy Year 11
  • Amy Hogan Year 9
  • Hannah Kelly Year 9
  • Lacey Latimer Year 11
  • Lillie  Monro Year 11
  • Meagan Page Year 11
  • Abigail Ruggles Year 8
  • Megan Sealey Year 9
  • James Smith Year 9
  • Trinity  Wilson Year 9
  • Lisa Blunt Year 9
  • Ellie Dodds Year 11
  • Sian Hayden Year 11
  • Lucy Greenaway Year 9
  • Kelsey Kemp Year 9
  • Tom Virgoe Year 11
For a cast with many younger performers, it was wonderful to see and hear the standard of performance that all of the students gave, particularly in more technically challenging sections. Also many scene changes that seemed seamless to the audience belied a very quick costume change, by frantic performers backstage.

The production of “Our House” would not have been possible without the generous help and goodwill of many people. The Performing Arts team would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the parents, the staff who willingly volunteered their free time, and everyone associated with helping bring this production to fruition, giving their time, effort and support. 

Finally, one last thank you to the cast and crew. After the countless lunchtime, after school and weekend rehearsals, blood, sweat and the occasional tear, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


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