We are pleased to offer small group/1-to-1 instrumental lessons at Alec Hunter provided by Essex Music Service tutors. Learning a musical instrument can have many positive effects on a child’s social, personal, and educational development as well as giving them a great sense of enjoyment and achievement.

Instrumental and vocal tuition is available to all students from beginners to experienced players. We require that all lessons are booked and paid for at the beginning of the term in advance of lessons commencing.

Music lessons at Alec Hunter Academy take place during timetabled lessons for 10 weeks of each term.

Tuition prices, based on 10 lessons, are as follows;

  • 15 minute individual lessons @ £87.50
  • 20 minute individual lessons @ £112.50
  • 30 minute individual lessons @ £172.50

Click here for further details about lessons with Essex Music Service.

Payment and Stopping Lessons

We will match your child with the most appropriate tutor at their school and email you an invoice to pay directly to Essex Music Service. You will have 2 weeks to make payment and if timely payment is not made, lessons will be cancelled. Please ensure that payment goes to Essex Music Education Hub, not to your child’s school.
Once registered and matched with a tutor, tuition will continue until you give notice to stop. You are liable for the term’s tuition.
If you wish to cancel (‘discontinue’) your child’s lessons, notice must be provided to us via email to or by using the ‘discontinue’ feature within SpeedAdmin by at least half term to finish at the end of that term. Full details are available in the terms and conditions.

Financial Assistant and Instrument Hire

You might also wish to be aware of the Tuition Discounts (66% reduction in fees for low income families), and free lessons available for Looked after Children/Children in Care. To have this discount applied to your invoice, you must apply on our website using the link above.
We are also able to offer low cost Instrument Hire for any child in Essex. Applications for all of these can be made on our website.

Should you wish your child to receive instrumental lessons, please carefully read the following terms and condition:

Once your child has started lessons, please encourage them to practise and get into a routine, so that they may have the maximum benefit from their lessons. 

A minimum of 15 minutes per day is usually advised.

There are also several extra-curricular activities which run to support and enhance your child’s learning once they reach a suitable standard.