The aim of these awards is to help raise the profile of German in schools and students were asked to produce a project on a topic of their choice concerning Germany.

1st place was awarded to Year 8 and 9 students Becky and Lacie Thompson for their model of the Berlin Wall. They received £40. 2nd place was awarded to Megan Selsby in Year 8 for her game of Top Trumps in German. Megan received £25.00. 3rd place was awarded to Benjamin Collier in Year 10 for his piece written in German about the Berlin Wall. Benjamin received £15.00. Winners also received a copy of the Eyewitness Guide to Germany and were presented with a Youthbridge Award certificate by Mr Lawn. Zoe Eldridge, Jay Curl and Jessica Gibson also received Special Mention certificates for their projects. All the students were treated to hot chocolate and cookies to celebrate their success.