At Alec Hunter all students are allocated to a tutor group on entry. The tutor remains with the group as they move through the school and should be the main point of contact for most pastoral issues. Tutors see all students every day to address any issue.

A Head of Year leads the year group, supported by a non-teaching Student Support Leader, and both are responsible for overseeing the welfare of the children in their care. They also monitor attendance, punctuality and uniform as well as managing other pastoral and behavioural issues. The Head of Year also checks each student is on track to meet their academic targets and supports the learning taking place in the classroom.

Both Head of Year and Student Support Leader will remain with the year group as they move up through the school to ensure continuity.

Year 7

Mr K Spooner, Head of Year 7 

Ms L Weaver, Student Support Leader for Year 7

Year 8

Miss R Jones, Head of Year 8 

Ms S Swindale, Student Support Leader for Year 8 

Year 9

Mr T Holland, Head of Year 9

Mrs C Johnson, Student Support Leader for Year 9

Year 10

Mr C Moreno, Head of Year 10

Mr R Cleevely, Student Support Leader for Year 10

Year 11

Mr A Lee, Head of Year 11 

Mrs V Porter, Student Support Leader for Year 11