At Alec Hunter, we believe that developing certain core skills will play a key role in our students’ success. As a result we aim to develop within our students:

  • a positive attitude to learning
  • a pride in success
  • independence and resilience

These are core skills that will help students to achieve at the highest level now, and in later life. These core skills form an important part of revision.

We aim to provide clear guidance on assessments from year 7 – 11. It is our aim that students should have a clear understanding of:

  • What an assessment will entail
  • The structure of any papers
  • Timings for different questions or sections
  • The content of the assessment

For each assessment, Heads of Year will provide information to parents regarding the content of their upcoming assessments. Key Stage 4 options events and information evenings provide an opportunity for parents and students to engage with the requirements of their various subjects.

Students attend assemblies advising them on the best ways to approach revision and within subjects, students are given advice on suitable revision techniques. Revision time is also built into curriculum maps from KS3, forming a part of both class and homework.

It is important that, from the start of their secondary journey, students begin to learn how to work and study independently, revising topics covered at earlier points in courses. To that end, students have access to various online resources at KS3 and 4 including:

There are number of ways that students can revise, but below are some Top Tips:

  • Make your revision active. Don’t just read notes. You could make flash cards, mind maps or use post-it notes
  • Watching videos online can really help to bring your notes alive!
  • Test yourself by completing past papers or asking a friend to test you! This will identify areas of strength and weakness
  • Build in rewards for your revision eg: your favourite snack or watching a film.