I am delighted to be able to share with you the great news that, following our Ofsted inspection on 8th and 9th November “Alec Hunter Academy continues to be a good school”.

Whilst I was not in any doubt about this from our own evaluation, it is pleasing to receive this endorsement from Ofsted, which I feel is a just reward for all our ongoing hard work to improve the school.  The last few years have been somewhat disrupted and challenging, so it is reassuring to know that our continued progress has been recognised.  As I said in my previous communication, I am hugely grateful for all the support from our community, both at the time of the inspection and in general, since I feel this also had a significant impact on the outcome.

You will note that the report itself (see below) is a little briefer than previous versions and does not have separate judgements for different areas.  The reason for this is explained towards the end of the report.  Schools previously graded ‘good’ that are not showing any cause for concern may receive an ‘ungraded inspection’, the purpose of which is simply to confirm that the school continues to meet the expectations of a good school.  This was the type of inspection that we received and all was found to be in order, thus prompting the report in this rather succinct format.  However, it is worth noting that, in verbal feedback, the Lead Inspector commented that she had seen a number of elements of our practice that were ‘better than good’.

We do have a couple of development points to work on, one of which is to improve overall attendance and this is very much an area where you, as parents and carers, can really support us by minimising absence.  We are monitoring attendance very closely, and since we now have this as an Ofsted target, it will be receiving even more of our attention as we move into the Spring Term.

I trust you will enjoy reading the report as much as I did and should like to thank you all once again for working in partnership with us.

Kind regards

Mr Lawn