Progress Reports are issued to parents throughout the academic year and provide the following information:

End of Year Target Grades

Alec Hunter Academy issues all students with End of Year Target Grades which are intended to be challenging yet achievable, and our aim is to work as hard as we can to support all students to make consistent progress towards reaching their targets.  We hold a Target Setting Evening at the beginning of each academic year to review the progress made to that point and adjust the targets accordingly for the year ahead to ensure that all students continue to have an appropriate level of challenge.  We also believe it is important that parents are involved in the target setting process, so the Target Setting Evenings provide an opportunity for discussion and agreement between the parent, the child and the school.

Current Grade

Current grades are informed by the standard of classwork and homework completed by students together with the grades they have achieved in assessments, which are set in line with our Assessment, Feedback & Presentation Policy.

Attitude to Learning Grades

These grades reflect how well students apply themselves to their learning in each subject.  They take into account their ability to work independently, stay focused and participate fully in classwork and homework activities.  Detailed descriptors are attached below.

At Key Stage 3 (Years 7 to 9) the target and current grades have been formulated using our internal grading system which is explained in the table below. At Key Stage 4 (Year 10 and 11) the GCSE number grade system is used.  In addition, to provide a finer indication of attainment at Key Stage 3 and 4, we use the notation ‘+’ and ‘-‘ to show that a student is working at the upper end of the grade (+) or towards the lower end of the grade (-) and this enables us to give you a more accurate reflection of performance.  

Alec Hunter Academy Grading System for Years 7 – 9. 

A3 (Advanced 3)
A2 (Advanced 2)
A1 (Advanced 1)
D3 (Developing 3)
D2 (Developing 2)
D1 (Developing 1)
F3 (Foundation 3)
F2 (Foundation 2)
F1 (Foundation 1)


Progress Reports also provide up-to-date information on student attendance for the current academic year.